Chema White (EPS)

25 kg

Up to 40%

saves electricity power

Quantity Calculation
Applications • Thermal and acoustic insulation. • As a flexible expansion joint. Key Features • It saves electricity power up to 40%. • It is light-weight so easy to handle during Transportation and installation. • It praides thermal insulation that reduces electricity Consupmtion • Allows to use a low wattage air conditioner. • Classified according to the specification ASTM C578
Technical Characteristics

Thermal resistance – R-value
Thermal resistance (R-value), it is the unit of thermal
resistance. High R value refers to high level of energy
saving, CHEMA WHITE sheets enables to save up to
40% of energy which is a great value.

Compressive strength
It is the highest axial compression stress which the
material achieves upon complete collapse.


Safety precautions
• CHEMA WHITE boards are breakable.
• Keep away from sparks and flame.
• Avoid strong oxidizing agents and aromatic solvents.
• avoid stacking on the edge of the product.

Application Places
Mixing proportions and preparation for use
Installation Method

• Build two parallel solid brick walls.
• Install CHEMA WHITE sheets between the brick walls.
• Finish the walls.

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