Chema Xps pro

25 kg

Up to 40%

saves electricity power

Quantity Calculation
Density- (32:36) • It saves electricity power up to 40%. • It is light-weight so easy to handle during transportation and installation. • It praides thermal insulation that reduces electricity consumption • Allows to use a low wattage air conditioner. • Classified according to the the specification ASTM C578
Technical Characteristics

Density- (32:36)

• Rated according to ASTM C578

• Chemical emission standards are met with the GREEN GRUARD
certification to suit the educational environment of child safety.
• ENERGYSTAR® requirements are met
• Ozone depletion (zero)
• The maximum temperature is 160 ° F (75 ° C).

Application Places
Mixing proportions and preparation for use
Installation Method
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